Hello R Blogdown

A major turnover in my young scientist career was to learn how to code in the R environment. R brought my science abilities to a next level and allowed me to be transversal: to deal with huge data sets, perform simple and hard-core statistic tests, visualize complex data, create maps, … without knowing anything else than applying a very well documented R package or R tutorial. Hey! R also allows me to create a website so easily thanks to the R Blogdown (https://bookdown.org/yihui/blogdown/) package and Hugo with academic theme (https://themes.gohugo.io/theme/academic/) without any background. I am infinitely grateful to all members of the R community that have helped R to become what it is today through numerous open-source packages, tutorials or blogs. Through my “behind the paper tutorials”, I aim to bring my modest contribution by sharing some of my code.

Albin Fontaine, PhD
Scientist working on Mosquito-Borne Pathogens
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