Interactive map with leaflet and R: plotting a large quantity of sites

We will see here how to plot interactively a huuuuuge amount of site on a map with very few lines of code.

Making maps in R

We will see here how to make nice maps in R with very few lines of code. I am not an expert in GIS, but people have developed nice packages that are doing the job for you.

Take your first steps in R

You are willing to learn how to code in R but you are not familiar with this code? You don’t even know what R or a computing language is and what it can be used for?

The Reed and Muench method to estimate a median lethal dose (LD50) implemented in R

Background A endpoint dilution assay quantifies the amount of a test substance (ie. drug, toxin, pathogen, etc…) that produces an effect of interest in a given proportion of test units (ie.